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From a Successful Festival to an Annual Iconic Event:
3 Days of Celebrating Culture, Arts, and Food



Performance Program Dance on Yonge 2023
Artist Performance Program Dance on Yonge 2023

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Dance on Yonge 2023: 62,000 + Total Attendees

Geographic Demographic
Major attendance from North York, strong turnout from Toronto and GTA, with a notable presence from across Ontario.
Demographic by Age
Vast majority of attendees: ages 20 to 45, who are typically active consumers
✦ Young professionals, affluent families, dance and music enthusiasts

Ethnic groups

✦ A rich blend of Toronto’s cultural mosaic: Attendees represented a colourful mix of all ethnicities.


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✦ Gained extensive coverage from over 20 media outlets inlcuding TV, radio and online


Media Platforms

Media Coverage Dance on Yonge 2023
Social Media Dance on Yonge 2023


Satisfaction Rate

✦ High Marks Across the Board: Near-universal attendee satisfaction highlighting the event’s success


Line Up



The festival's vibrant atmosphere attracted a large and diverse crowd, expanding our community impact.



Drew in a prime spending demographic, largely consisting of active consumers aged 20 to 45.


Social Media Users

A strong online campaign that effectively spread the festival's buzz.


Media Platforms

The event was featured extensively across TV, radio, and online, enhancing its media presence.


of 2023

✦ Albert Kay

MC Albert Kay

✦ Adrian Andrew

Adrian “Double-A” Andrew is a new-up-and coming DJ/MC based in Windsor, Ontario. He has been involved with entertainment through small theatre plays various public speaking engagements and DJing/emceeing events.

✦ Lil Momo

MC Lil Momo



✦ Alan Goetten & Carolina Fusto

Alan Goetten, a celebrated Jazz & Contemporary Dance Champion, and Carolina Fusto, a renowned Empowerment Coach and Heels/Bachata Teacher, bring their unique expertise to Star Dance Centre. Together, they enhance the community with vibrant dance education and empower women through movement.

✦ Mishka Rubezin

Mishka Rubezin: Canada's Ballroom Latin and Standard 10 Dance Champion!

✦ Frederick Villaruel

Fred (Christian) Villaruel, Program Director at Star Dance Centre, enriches North York with his hip hop/choreography expertise. A member of YYZ Company and director of The Process, Fred has performed at events like Choreo Ball, badassbabes, and Fever After Dark.

✦ The Process

Established in 2022, this up-and-coming dance crew closed the show at last year’s Dance On Yonge with a live-concert-themed set. Their movements are characterized by fast and sharp combos, smooth and texturized movements, and versatile choreography.

✦ Lalo & Candice

Lalo and Candice are renowned salsa dancers, known for their dynamic performances that blend traditional Latin rhythms with modern dance elements like hip-hop and jazz. Their energetic footwork and intricate partner work highlight the vibrant origins of salsa from Cuba and Puerto Rico, captivating audiences globally at dance festivals and salsa clubs.

✦ Heer Dave

Heer Dave captivates audiences with her Bollywood performances, marked by graceful movements and energetic footwork. She skillfully blends traditional and contemporary dance styles, bringing a dynamic and spirited expression to every performance.

✦ W.ave Dance Crew

K-Pop and Jazz Funk Dance Team based in Toronto, ON. Toronto Korean Festival Dance Competition Finalists

✦ Ilinca Oprescu

Ilinca Oprescu, a standout Canadian and Romanian National Latin finalist, serves as a Latin & Social Latin Instructor at Star Dance Centre. Her expertise and passion for Latin dance enrich the learning experience for all her students.

✦ Pasha & Nika

Pasha and Nika are Canadian Ballroom Latin Champions and Rising Star U21 International Finalists. Renowned for their exceptional skill and precision, they have made a significant mark on the dance scene, captivating audiences with their elegant and dynamic performances.

✦ Josh James Julian

Beginner-Intermediate HipHop Instructor at Star Dance Centre. Josh’ dance style is characterized by sharp and intricate movements blended with unique textures and musicality.

✦ Shaam Panch

Nicknamed "The Untrained Ustaad" by Diljit Dosanjh, a self-taught musician of Indian descent, blends R&B, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Indian Classical, Sufi Qawwali, Afrobeats, and Pop into a dynamic urban fusion. His spontaneous performances captivate audiences, showcasing his unique ability to combine diverse musical styles into one cohesive experience.

✦ Elizabeth Gabrielle

Elizabeth Gabrielle, also known as 'Briellebeth,' is a Pop/RnB artist from Jakarta, now thriving in Toronto. Trained in classical piano and seasoned in her father’s Funk/Soul & RnB bands, she has over 100 live performances at just 23. Mentored by a platinum producer, Briellebeth is poised to impact the Pop/RnB scene significantly.

✦ Konatsu Yamasa & Onton See

Canadian Breakdancing Champions

✦ Fuad Musayev

Fuad Musayev, a 24-year-old artist from Toronto, has been passionate about music from a young age. Known for his versatile style and lyrically conscious music, Fuad aims to inspire and motivate others to be their best selves and overcome challenges. He embodies the belief that anything is possible with determination and resilience.

✦ Major Benzy

Major Benzy is an Afropop artist

✦ Alan Vargas

Alan Vargas, a dynamic talent from Toronto, excels as a singer, songwriter, choreographer, and dancer. Fueled by his passion for dance and music, Alan thrives on sharing his artistic creations through captivating performances.

✦ Carol Marie

Carol Marie, a lifelong musician, finds music as a natural extension of herself. She has devoted her life to creating and sharing music that resonates deeply with her audience, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to connect through her passion.

✦ Michelle "KY" Hanitijo

Michelle "KY" Hanitijo stands out with her unique blend of street styles, which she brilliantly incorporates into Aespa's "Spicy Original" choreography. Her distinctive approach adds a dynamic flair to her performances, captivating audiences with her creativity and skill.

✦ DJ Magic Bus

DJ Magic Bus set the vibe at our past event, spinning catchy tunes that kept the energy high and the dance floor packed throughout the entire occasion.

✦ Arielle Perez

Arielle Perez, a 16-year-old Filipino-Canadian talent from Caledon, Ontario, excels as a singer/songwriter, actress, and model. Beginning her career at age 7, Arielle has garnered over 4,000 monthly listeners and 75,000+ streams on music platforms. Recently, she secured the lead role in an upcoming national TV series.


From Guadalajara, Mexico, Nikompone has crafted music since he was 12, blending reggaeton, afrobeat, and rap. Influenced by artists like 50 Cent and Maluma, his songs cater to romantics and party-goers alike, offering a unique fusion that evokes a sense of home for fellow Latinos abroad.

✦ Kim

Kim has been immersed in music and performing since childhood, finding true solace on stage. Known for her joyous singing, she excels in deconstructing popular songs and infusing them with her unique stylistic touch, transforming each piece into a deeply personal performance.

✦ Kilo P

Kilo P, a natural performer since age two, has evolved from child actor to prominent roles in Disney's SPIN and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. His music, inspired by K-Os, J.Cole, Usher, and Busta Rhymes, showcases a dynamic style that energizes every performance.

✦ Julia Rose

Julia Rose, a 19-year-old from Aurora, Ontario, blends Pop/R&B with jazz elements. Active for six years, she has performed at events like Gussapolooza and Wintersong Music Festival. Julia's lifelong passion for music drives her to spread joy through her performances.


Vky is dropping fiery bars on his journey to superstardom, captivating audiences with his dynamic rap performances. His powerful lyrics and intense delivery are quickly carving a niche for him in the music world

✦ Dillon Antony

Dillon Antony, a South Asian Pop Artist from Markham, has embraced music as his greatest passion from a young age. Known for letting his music speak for him, Dillon expresses his deepest thoughts through his songs, connecting with audiences far and wide.

✦  Richard Walters

Toronto's Richard Walters, known as Morpheus Richards, is renowned for his lead role in "Degrassi" across six seasons and his musical pursuits under the name Morpheus. His multifaceted career encompasses acting, dancing, and creating music that resonates with authenticity.

✦ Yandji

Yandji, a versatile artist who defies categorization, embraces the freedom to experiment and evolve in music. With a passion for entertaining and a belief in the beauty of versatility, Yandji continuously seeks to redefine her musical boundaries and connect with audiences through her dynamic performances.

✦ Ashavari

Ashavari, playfully rhyming with strawberry, is a versatile artist transitioning from choir and prog metal to exploring alternative R&B, neo-soul, and dark pop. Her eclectic music blends electronic, grunge, and jazz fusion, reflecting her Indian-Canadian roots and unique identity.

✦ Golden Maple Senior Group

The Golden Maple Senior Group unites through destiny and bonds over dance. Embracing dance as their joy, they believe that only a healthy and happy life can lead to graceful dancing. This group exemplifies the delight and camaraderie that come from dancing together.

✦ Xentury Sam

Known as the voice of the city, Xentury Sam masterfully blends R&B with hip-hop, crafting lyrics that resonate widely. His music creates a compelling vibe that connects with listeners at any stage of life, making every performance a memorable experience.

✦ Dario Dvon

Dario Dvon, a performing artist originally from Barbados and now based in Toronto, captivates audiences with his smooth melodies, poetic lyrics, and dynamic vocal range. Known for creating a distinctive and heartwarming musical atmosphere, Dario is driven by the mantra "Music is my Sport.

✦ JDL Senior Performing Team

JDL Senior Performing Team

✦ YoungBoy Rari

YoungBoy Rari, also known as Tafari, is a dynamic rising artist who began his music journey at age 7 with his debut single "Handsome." A natural in the studio and a standout in performances and music videos, he balances his ambitious music career with academic excellence.

✦ Tiana

Nigerian-Norwegian pop sensation, blends classic pop with a sweet R&B voice and socially sharp lyrics. Now based in Toronto, Tiana is working on her debut EP, channeling 2010s pop vibes with her latest single "SCREENS," an electro-pop take on phone addiction.

✦ Social Media Success showcases the festival's vast digital footprint and audience engagement.


Unique Audiences

✦ O'Shani Cardwell

Oshani Cardwell is renowned for her distinctive Funk Street and Hip Hop styles, including popping and locking. Her dynamic performances have graced national stages and featured in CBC's "Tallboyz," Disney's "13 The Musical," and Netflix's "Work It." She has also appeared in music videos with stars like Shawn Mendes and Rihanna.

✦ Matthew Duma

Matthew Duma, also known as Duma, is a seasoned dancer and choreographer from Brampton with over 13 years of experience. He is the CEO of Kaizen Dance Initiative, leading innovative dance programs and performances. Duma has competed for 9 years and is a prominent figure in Toronto's dance scene.

✦ Giovanni Torres (DJ Gio)

Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, Giovanni, or DJ Gio, leads Toronto's "Los Salsomanos" dance group. A seasoned dancer and DJ, he has showcased his talent at prestigious events across North America and Europe, and is a staple in Toronto’s vibrant nightclub scene.

✦ Elina Sumichan

Elina Sumichan, originally from Bali, is a versatile fusion dancer and instructor focusing on Bachata alongside her partner, Davy. She began dancing at age 5, exploring styles from Balinese to Hip Hop and partner dances. Elina is active internationally, teaching and performing at major dance events.