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✦ What is Jack & Jill Competition?

A social dance competition where you'll be judged on your ability to connect with a randomly chosen partner, interpret an unknown piece of bachata music, and enjoy the moment.

✦ How Does it Work?

Leaders and followers are assigned numbers and paired up randomly. Perform your best in partner work, musicality, and personal styling (traditional, modern, and sensual) to impress the judges and score points to reach the final round.

✦ How to Enter?

Fill out the form, pay the $25 entry fee, and show up on July 5th with the best vibes and moves.


Toronto Bachata Jack & Jill Championship
Friday, July 5th ✦ 6:30 PM - Preliminary Rounds  7:15 PM - Final Round
Top Couple
Title of Toronto Bachata J&J Champion
Silver & Bronze Medals
From the Toronto Bachata Community




✦ Saturday, July 6th, 6:00 PM

✦ Mel Lastman Square

✦ 5100 Yonge St, North York

All Style
Dance Competition

Saturday, July 6th, 6:00 PM
1st Place Prize By Divison
Registration Fee: $25 per person
Saturday All Style Competition Application
is Now Closed
  •  All dance styles and genres are welcome. Judging will be based on the technique and difficulty of the choreography and overall stage performance for each division (Solos, Duos, Teams).

  •  There is no limit on the number of members in a team, provided all can perform within the stage dimensions. Each performance must have a mix under 5 minutes.

  •  The stage is spherical, measuring 34' wide by 30' deep and elevated 3'3” off the ground. It is made of concrete, partially covered by a sloping roof, with access available upstage right and left.

  • ✦ No, the Dance On Yonge Dance Competition is free for all audience members, and we highly encourage competitors to bring their friends and family.

  • ✦ Competitors will have until June 15th to enroll in the competition. Song submission deadline June 22nd.


  • ✦ Yes, we encourage all teams, duos, and solos to participate and showcase at the Dance On Yonge event.


✦ Friday, July 5th, 6:30 PM

✦ Mel Lastman Square

✦ 5100 Yonge St, North York

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